mysteryThe latest assault on our so-called ‘reality senses’ is the Pickup Artist on VH1. The premise is that this man who labels himself as ‘Mystery’ knows all the secrets of getting into a woman’s pants quicker than you can say ‘Your place or mine?’. So, they line up the typical group of dorks and geeks to let Mystery transform them into smooth talking panty droppers. The setup is simple. Rig a popular bar with some video cameras, teach the geeks a few tricks and set them loose to prey on the hotties in the lounge while the world watches. The geeks are judged for their pickup skills by the master himself. If they don’t stack up then they get sent home..or, as he puts it… ‘the game ends here’. It’s fairly amusing and, if you need to, can provide a few tips on how women can be had. But what I really want to know is…what’s up with that pimp hat? Do the chicks really like that? And if 45 year old Fred put that on, would he be just as cool? Hmmmm…doubtful.