dreams.gifOk ok… so Survivor’s been around for a dozen seasons and they don’t do alot that’s new. BUT! They do try to make things interesting by throwing in a few twists here and there! This week’s episode was probably the craziest mind game when it came to tribal council as each team attempted to outsmart, outwit and out strategize the other when it came to the hidden immunity idols. The look on Alex’s face at council was priceless as they discovered that they not only lost one of the alliance members with Edgardo but also had to give up their immunity idol!In previous seasons with the hidden immunity idol it never came into play. Dreams was the bad guy in this episode as he continually switched sides, spilled the beans about who had the idol AND who was voting for who. In the end, he got left out of the loop and wasted his vote on Mookie. Dreams is goin down, baby! They are gonna fry his ass for being a triple agent.