Rosie O’donnelHas anyone seen this person?? Authorities have announced the discovery of this newest terrorist, Rosie Al Bigamoutha O’Donnell. Considered the absolute worst kind of terrorist he/she is considered very dangerous to all Americans. Known for the inability to count correctly, a very loud and obnoxious voice, the inability to shut up and a few additional agonizing sub-human traits.

Last seen on the male bashing morning show The View where other femme Nazi’s are known to gather with this terrorist and discuss topics such as Donald Trump’s hairdo, how American troops are themselves terrorists, and other vile issues in an attempt to destroy the morale of Americans. This person is indeed the worst kind of terrorist there is. Another ignorant uneducated B celeb with an opinion that they want us to hear when we honestly don’t give a shit about.

This terrorist biatch has recently gone underground but is destined to resurface soon spouting her liberal diarrhea and causing more pain for the American people. If you see this person notify the TV station that has hired it/her/him and voice your displeasure about their hiring of a terrorist!