We have a situation here. We were all told that Paris Hilton, our darling sweetheart of American pop culture, is no longer in jail. Well, according to what was to be good old justice, Paris was to serve 45 days in jail. This was reduced to 23 days due to an advanced notion that she’d be under ‘good behavior’. So, that’s the deal, right? 23 days in jail? It turns out that we’ve been sucker punched.

In getting out of bed this morning and flipping on the news the first thing I hear is that Paris is out of jail! Well, since her sentence was to be 23 days I can only deduce a couple of things:

  • Paris escaped from jail!
  • Paris gave the guards blowjobs and they let her go!
  • Paris never really went to jail!
  • This is yet another example of special treatment for the rich and famous

Next up is the book then the movie. Oh boy.