Earl survivorEarl put it quite nicely when they asked him how he felt about Dreamz’s decision to hold onto the immunity idol instead of honoring his obligation to give it to Yau-man. “I just won Survivor!”. Indeed, Dreamz did hand it to Earl by betraying Yau after receiving the $60k truck from Yau in exchange for the immunity idol if they should reach the final four together. ESPECIALLY when he betrays him in front of the entire jury!

In behalf of Dreamz’s thinking, though, it wasn’t known to the competitors at that time that there would be 3 finalists instead of the traditional 2. This throws a huge monkey wrench into the possibilities. IF Dreamz honors the agreement he’s basically tossing out any chance of winning the mil. IF there were only 2 finalists then there’s the possibility that Dreamz would not have been the one voted out if he gave the immunity idol to Yau as planned ( Cassandra could have been a target over Dreamz perhaps?).

Now some would say a deal is a deal. Especially when you’ve gotten a $60k payment for agreeing to the deal! And i’m sure that Dreamz agonized over this. Or at least put on a great acting job. Faced with the immediate decision to give it up or keep it based upon the fresh knowledge of there being 3 finalists…..Dreamz figured his best option was to give himself a shot at the mil. Earl is forever grateful!