Sean Hannity

Wanting to discuss some of the political topics I wandered over the site and joined the forums. There were lots of topics and categories but what most interested me was the Washington Politics forum that had discussions about many of the current hot subjects like health care reform.

Immediately you find out, especially in that forum, that there are many biased opinions about the subject. Also, it’s quite evident that Hannity has loaded his forums with dozens (if not hundreds) of cronies who rape and pillage any opposition to their right-wing ideals. Anyone who disagrees with or retorts to any of their ‘prized posters’ gets immediately banned. For someone touting the equalities of free speech he sure advocates hypocrisy as well.

I was careful to refrain from ‘flaming’, which is the art of arguing just to argue. When I brought a valid point to the conversation I was met with a beat-back by the forum members that carried with them their 30,000+ posts reputation in tow. You soon find out that there are physicians and medical industry personnel intertwined in these forums. When challenged they simply ban you which strips out your posts, your input and just about any trace of the opinions expressed by yours truly.

It’s frustrating that a popular newscaster, radio talkshow and Fox News commentator running what is supposed to be an ‘open forum’ for debate has such a tight stranglehold on what is said on his site’s forums. It literally boils down to his own form of censorship, keeping only the points of view that he reflects in his talk shows.

Fair and Balanced? No Way!

Yep, that’s their motto. Do they really practice that? No way! Twice I was banned from their forums simply for challenging their obvious plants. Those hired guns that have 30, 40, 50,000 + posts simply can’t be just ‘regular folk’ to have that many responses or comments. That, folks, is a full time job!

It was quite evident that some of the main bloggers in their forums were what I would call ‘professionals’ armed with all kinds of industry facts concerning industry profits, accounting, taxes, regulations, percentages, and surveys. No matter WHAT you provide as an alternative to those they are immediately discredited and, therefore, dismissed. If you persist? You are simply banned.

Liberals NOT Welcome!

Ok, I am NOT a liberal. I’m a conservative republican. But, I look at common issues that affect us all with an unbiased approach. Health care being one of those. When it comes to issues such as the provision of health care I am simply an American. And, one who believes that health care should be available to all. If our government has a plan that makes sense and is brave enough to tackle this powerful industry then i’m in favor. Having been the victim of what I would consider health care insurance abuse (or, even fraud), I can’t see anything but positive things in taking my health decisions out of the hands of profiteers.

Test It For Yourself!

Head on over to, join the forums and dare to oppose any of the stalwarts of their forums. I dare ya! Let me know how long you last!