It appears that this seasons villain has aleady surfaced as Russell thinks he has the whole thing figured out. And, he just might! He immediately went to all the women and set up secret alliances with each.

Russell The Evil

Russell The Evil

As part of his game plan he did some nasty things like empty all the canteens , burn one players socks and generally was an ass. His logic was to get everyone uncomfortable so they would start to fight amongst each other. The concept seemed to work as some of the players began to snap at each other.

His tribe lost the immunity challenge and despite everyone wanting to vote off Ashley, Russell convinced them to vote off Marisa. Looks like Russell will be running things until his little charade is discovered.

The two tribes are Foa Foa and Galu.The tribes were chosen prior to the start of the show so no word on how they arrived at the members for each. They did, though, have a survey from the tribe members that was designed to pick leaders for each tribe based solely upon their first impressions since none had really had a chance to speak or even know each other’s names. Here’s the lineups:

Foa Foa Tribe

  • Dave Ball 38
  • Erik Cardona 28
  • Brett Clouser 23
  • John Fincher 25
  • Yasmin Giles 33
  • Laura Morett 39
  • Monica Padilla 25
  • Shannon Waters 45
  • Russell Swan 42
  • Kelly Sharbaugh 25

Galu Tribe

  • Mike Borassi 62
  • Ben Browning 28
  • Marisa Calihan 26
  • Russell Hantz 36
  • Elizabeth Kim 33
  • Jaison Robinson 28
  • Ashley Trainer 22
  • Mick Trimming 33
  • Natalie White 26
  • Betsy Bolan 48

Here’s a shot of the remaining members after this week’s tribal council.