Episode four of this season’s Survivor Samoa didn’t have a lot of surprises with the exception that the outmanned Foa Foa tribe finally won an immunity challenge. Unlike the past couple of episodes, last night there were two separate challenges. One for reward, the other for immunity. This gave Foa Foa more opportunities to finally get on the board.

Reward Challenge

In a way, this challenge proved that without some sort of governing body or direction a society would slip into total anarchy. Both tribes received the notice of the challenge but it wasn’t clear on what they were to do to earn it. Three people from each tribe ventured to a large circle on the beach where a wooden chest and a cage with chickens were present. Since Jeff never showed to explain anything they all assumed it was a grab-and-dash.

Foa Foa grabbed the chickens and dashed for the chest only to discover, as Galu did at the same time, that instructions on the challenge were in the chest along with a bunch of colored balls (yellow and blue) which were to be used in a game of Bocce ball. So, back into the cage the chickens go and the combatants figured out from the instructions that they were to each have 3 balls to toss at a post in the middle of the circle. At the end of the challenge, the closest ball to the stick won reward. Which, by the way, WAS the chickens.

Mick and Russell successfully got their shots closest to the post and had even gotten lucky enough to have a couple of balls protecting their potential winning shot. This challenge came down to Galu’s last hope which was Dave. One ball left, one impossible chance. Could Foa Foa finally win something?! Well, no. Dave tossed the magic ball and somehow it muscled its way right up to the stick. Bingo. Challenge over, Foa Foa loooooooooooses! Again.

Back At Camp

Since most people wouldn’t know what to do with a live chicken, the Galu tribe contemplated just eating them instead of having the eggs come on a regular basis. This is rather typical when you’re starving and chicken, no matter how it’s prepared, tastes mighty good. Well, somehow Shambo managed to allow one of the chickens to escape while she was either gathering eggs or trying to pet the dang things. Now, one thing you learn about chickens is they are really hard to catch. And, their futile attempts proved that as the chicken bolted for freedom and roosted in a tree way out of their reach. Stay tuned on the chicken’s destiny.

Shambo got the dirty looks which gave indication that the tribe was ready to speak via the mighty axe of eviction. But, along comes the immunity challenge to make them forget about Shambo’s lack of chicken skills and divert the attention to other tribe members needing a little discipline.

The Immunity Challenge

This one was fun to watch since it required total team effort. Basically it consisted of two phases. First, carry a group of wooden blocks across a netted maze. Once all tribe members successfully crossed the maze they would begin building a tower with the blocks. One single column straight up. The catch is, the tower would be much taller than any of the players. Which means they’d have to figure a way to build a human ladder to place the final pieces on the top. So, up on the shoulders the girls go! Surprisingly both teams successfully built the first tower without the whole thing coming down as the rules stated that the tower has to stand for a 5 count without anyone touching or supporting it. Ever tried to stack blocks straight up? Trickier than it looks!

Phase two was similar but instead of the netted maze they had to cross a rope bridge where the blocks were waiting on the other end tied up in cargo nets. This is where the drama starts for Galu as Monica all but gave up the entire lead they had built with their teammates getting across that bridge. She seemed to take an eternity to navigate it as Foa Foa tribes kept passing her up which eventually got Foa Foa into the lead.

Once everyone is across then the teams can begin untying and building the block tower. However, this tower was even taller than the first. So, more height was needed which proved to be the ultimate downfall of Galu. As both tribes raced to build their tower, Galu went for the 3 block move to cap it off. As they were being put into place, the top two blocks being lifted fell. Meanwhile, Foa Foa was doing things one block at a time and was able to put the final block into place and receive the 5 count before Galu could recover. Foa Foa wins!

Tribal Council

Once back at camp the blame-game starts with Galu. Many felt that Monica was a total waste of blood since she blew their big lead on the rope bridge portion of the challenge. And, as a result, most of the conversation around camp about who to vote for was pretty much about her. But, there’s always someone that just irritates the group and causes some dissension amongst the voting public. That person turned out to be Yasmin. Just about everyone had had enough of her laziness around camp and her incredibly annoying personality. In an overwhelmingly one-sided vote, Yasmin was booted off the island.

Survivor Samoa Episode Four Remaining

Survivor Samoa Episode Four Remaining