Dude, you're outta here!

Dude, you're outta here!

Every now and then one of the contestants on Survivor has a moment that defines their entire personality. Ben had such a moment when he and Yasmin had their discussion in front of the Foa Foa tribe members where he did everything but call her the dreaded ‘N’ word. Let’s fast forward to the challenge for that week where Ben was unremorsefully booted from the challenge (first time in the history of the game for a contestant to be booted from a challenge) and now add this week’s comments at tribal council and you pretty much get the idea of what an ignorant redneck racist looks like. The funny part is he continually defends his stances in some lame attempt to justify his point of view. Anyway, Ben is gone. Exiled for good. But, don’t think he didn’t get his parting shots. Oh no! He threw a few more zingers at his tribe mates before exiting the show including just how valuable he was to their survival and they’re all going to starve. Ho hum.

So, Let’s Get The Recap

The battered Foa Foa just can’t do anything right. Once again they lose the challenge which consisted of a bit of swimming, retrieving crates and assembling a puzzle onshore. Galu won handily and received both immunity and reward which consisted of a choice between blankets and comfort itemsĀ  vs. fishing and camping gear. They chose the comforts in an attempt to make all the ladies of the tribe happy. Sounds like typical male shopping gratuities to me. (Yes, honey, I love to go to the mall with you).

It wasn’t that Ben didn’t do anything in this challenge, it’s just his big redneck mouth that got him into trouble when the tribe got back to camp. He has his personal vendetta’s against various members that he deems even less sophisticated than he. This, most notably, would be Ashley who he felt was the weakest link and should go.

Russell, who has secretly been running the show, wanted Ashley to go in an attempt to get the female numbers into a manageable figure where they could not have any edge over the men in the diminishing ranks of Foa Foa. But, Jaison was so fed up with Ben and his racist redneckedness (if that’s a word) that he claimed (although a bluff for sure) that he would quit the game if Ben wasn’t voted out. Despite Russell’s efforts to have them vote Ashley first then Ben, he followed the group and cast his vote for Ben to head back to Rednecksville, USA. For Russell this was a moment of clarity since it’s the first time that everyone didn’t just follow his lead. And, since he feels he’s the top dog of the game, this was a bit of a shock to him.

Shambo Visits Foa Foa

After the challenge, a member of Galu was chosen (Shambo) to go spend the night at Foa Foa. Shambo was well received, treated everyone like a friend and had the tribe members wondering if there was a way they could have her permanently. She even showed them a few tricks for surviving the conditions that, if known by her tribe members, would surely get her voted off. Helping the enemy? She’d be drawn and quartered!

Shambo has a target on her back as she’s viewed as one of the ‘annoying ones’ in her tribe because she’s more work focused while others in the tribe are sitting around doing Yoga instead of taking care of camp essentials. As she puts it, “I’m in the 90210 tribe!”. The best thing that could happen to Galu is to lose a couple of challenges and face the harsh reality of losing their yoga instructor and pedicurist. The tribe is drunk in their own success and may need a quick rehab to get them back to reality. Expect Shambo to be next to go if Galu loses the challenge since she interrupts the karma of the camp with her work ethic.

The Immunity Idol

In an odd move, Russell decided to expose he had the hidden immunity idol to Mick in order to solidfy one of his ‘secret alliances’ for further manipulation. Mick just may be the smart guy who figures out Russell’s true motives and sneakery and eventually turns the others against him.

Survivor Samoa Episode Three Survivors

Survivor Samoa Episode Three Survivors